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Looking For A Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Some drivers choose to represent themselves without a lawyer when they contest a traffic ticket in court. Without proper preparation and experience with negotiating, this can often produce poor results. Brad Stephens is an experienced and dedicated traffic ticket lawyer based in Cartersville, Georgia. He advises and represents clients contesting traffic tickets in the local area, including Adairsville and Kingston, GA. You don’t necessarily need a lawyer for speeding tickets and other traffic violations, but it can be very helpful when you need to protect your driving record and avoid high fines. Brad has relationships with local judges and he will work to reduce your penalties or even have your ticket dismissed. He can advise you or go to court on your behalf.

A traffic ticket could come with more than just a fine. Points on your driver’s license could lead to years of increased insurance premium payments. You could also be required to attend traffic school. Did you get a traffic ticket that you think is unfair? Get a knowledgable attorney on your side and protect your rights. Contact the Law Office of Brad Stephens today in order to speak with a professional traffic ticket lawyer and find out what you can do to deal with your ticket. Call (770) 334-2704 or fill out our contact form.

Get A Professional Speeding Ticket Lawyer In The
Kingston, GA Area!

A skilled lawyer can help you fight your speeding ticket by offering advice, representing you in court, and negotiating with prosecutors. Just like in any court case, a traffic ticket lawyer has to get all the facts of the situation and prepare your case. Brad Stephens will assess your legal position and determine the best course of action for contesting your speeding ticket. With a well-organized defense, you have a better chance of negotiating lower penalties or dismissing your ticket.

A local speeding ticket lawyer is always the best option. Brad represents and assists clients in and around Kingston, GA. With years of experience in the local courts, he knows how to handle traffic law cases efficiently.

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Traffic Court Lawyer: When You Need One

Whether or not you truly need a traffic court lawyer depends on both the severity of the violation and your personal circumstances. For more serious violations, you should definitely consider contacting the Law Office of Brad Stephens to form an effective defense strategy. Some of the more serious offenses that you should contact a traffic ticket lawyer for include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving on a revoked, suspended, or expired license
  • Hit-and-run or leaving the scene of an accident
  • Outstanding warrants for unpaid traffic tickets

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t hire a lawyer for speeding tickets and other minor violations. If you are a habitual offender, you may have enough points on your license that this violation would suspend it. You could get a significant increase in your insurance payments that will last for years. You need to assess the long term costs of the violation versus the costs of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer before you make a decision. For pricing information, contact the Law Office of Brad Stephens at (770) 334-2704 today.


Ticket Lawyer: Know Your Rights

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are hoping to get your traffic ticket dismissed:

  • When the officer who issued the ticket doesn’t appear in court, the ticket will be dismissed
  • You may have your violation dismissed if you take a plea deal in which you admit to a less serious violation
  • You may dismiss your violation by agreeing to participate in a probationary period

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