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Motion To Revoke Probation: When You Need A Lawyer

In many cases, a misdemeanor or felony conviction will result in a term of Georgia probation. Rather than have convicts serve maximum prison sentences, judges tend to order probation. The consequence of a violation could include having your probation revoked. If your probation officer has filed a motion to revoke probation, you will need to attend a revocation hearing. This is your chance to defend yourself and prevent having your probation revoked. You shouldn’t go without representation from an experienced attorney. Brad Stephens can assist you throughout the probation revocation hearing process and work to defend your freedom. He works with clients in Cartersville, Emerson, Euharlee, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Are you or a loved one accused of violating probation terms? If the motion to revoke probation is successful, the offender will have to serve the rest of their sentence in jail. Brad Stephens has over a decade of legal experience, with special focus on criminal defense. He is passionate about protecting people’s rights and freedoms. Contact Brad as soon as possible and he will start building a strong defense for your hearing. Call (770) 334-2704 or fill out our online contact form in order to speak with a qualified attorney and find out what you need to do next to protect yourself.

The Probation Revocation Process

When someone violates probation, there are several options in regards to their custody pending a hearing. If the PO can’t locate or get in contact with the probationer, they will likely seek out a warrant for an arrest. In instances when they are in communication, the probation officer may inform the probationer of their hearing date and allow them to remain outside of custody until then. This is called a “walk-in” hearing. In other cases, the PO will arrest the probationer upon meeting with them and turn them over to the sheriff. This decision depends on a variety of factors including the nature of the allegations and the relationship between the PO and probationer.

You may receive a motion to revoke probation for violating either general probation conditions or the special conditions of your probation. Probation conditions may include:

  • Do not violate any laws
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs unless prescribed
  • Report to a probation officer regularly
  • Submit to drug testing
  • Avoid certain people or places
  • Remaining in the state unless permitted by the probation supervisor
  • Attend certain classes or programs
  • Pay all fines and fees ordered by the court
  • Perform a certain number of community service hours

Your probation officer will have to get a warrant and take you in front of a judge in order to make a motion to revoke your probation. Typically, you will appear before the judge who gave you your original sentence. You have a hearing, in which you may hire professional representation. The judge will hear from your PO and your defense attorney. Brad Stephens will work tirelessly to prepare your defense and negotiate for alternatives to keep you out of prison. Your freedom is Brad’s first priority.


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Revocation Hearing: What You Need To Know

Unlike a standard trial, which uses a jury to make decisions, a probation revocation hearing is overseen only by a judge.
The judge will determine whether or not a violation actually occurred and what the appropriate punishment is. If the state successfully argues its motion to revoke probation, you could face a number of consequences. As such, consider contacting a lawyer such as Brad Stephens in Euharlee, GA.

Revoke Probation Consequences: Laws In Georgia

The consequences of violating probation in Georgia may include revocation. They could also include:

  • Probation extension
  • Incarceration
  • Large fines
  • More community service hours
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Additional special conditions

Get the defense you need to minimize or avoid the harsh penalties of probation violation. Call (770) 334-2704 today to speak to an attorney near Euharlee, GA.

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