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Arrested for driving under the influence in the Cartersville, GA area? When you find yourself in this situation, you may be scared and confused about what to do next. Whether this is your first DUI offense or you have a past conviction, you need an effective attorney on your side. A DUI conviction in Georgia can have a range of consequences depending on the specific circumstances of the incident. Brad Stephens is an experienced and passionate defense lawyer who deals with DUI cases in Cartersville and the surrounding area.

He can provide guidance and representation in your DUI case to help you protect your freedom and your future. Your arrest is not a conviction. Call (770) 334-2704 or fill out our online contact form today in order to speak with a qualified attorney.

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Defending yourself when charged with DUI can lead to long-lasting negative consequences. A DUI conviction can limit your future opportunities, prevent you from driving for an extended period, or even land you in prison. It is essential to choose a knowledgable attorney who is willing to put in the work outside of court to prepare your case. There are many factors that the court may consider in your DUI case. Was there a collision involved that resulted in injury or fatality? Did you refuse the Breathalyzer test? If not, was it properly administered? Brad Stephens will assess all the facts of your case before trial in order to build a strong defense.

These are some common defense strategies used by DUI defense lawyers and their clients:

  • The officer stopped you unlawfully
  • The officer violated your rights during the stop/arrest
  • You were experiencing medical symptoms that the officer mistook as an indication of intoxication.
  • The officer did not follow sobriety test protocols
  • The officer did not administer the Breathalyzer properly

It is essential that you provide your DUI lawyer with all the details that you can. Attorney Brad Stephens will provide a complete analysis of your legal position in order to determine your best course of action.


DUI Penalties: Laws In Georgia

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, a DUI could be a misdemeanor or felony charge. You could receive a wide range of penalties depending on those circumstances and on your criminal record.

Your first DUI offense in Georgia may be punishable by the following consequences:

  • Up to $1,000 fine
  • 40 hours of community service
  • Mandatory drug/alcohol treatment
  • License suspension
  • Up to 12 months in jail or probation
  • 24-hour incarceration

Offenders with past DUI convictions or felony convictions could get more severe penalties. These include fines with surcharges which could total over $1,000 and possibly incarceration. You should never take a DUI charge lightly. Even in best-case scenarios, the consequences of a DUI conviction are significant. When your future is at stake, you need a reliable DUI defense lawyer to keep you informed throughout the process and ensure that you do not miss any chances to defend yourself.


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